Review: April and the Extraordinary World (Christian Desmares/Franck Ekinci, 2015)

One of France’s most beloved comics artists, Jacques Tardi last saw his work adapted for cinema in 2010, when director Luc Besson brought his famous heroine Adèle Blanc-Sec to the big screen. The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec was a fairly big budget, live-action spin on Tardi’s trademark material — a blend of historical fantasy, farfetched adventures and elaborate mysteries.

With April and the Extraordinary World (there’s that word again), the second screen take on Tardi, there’s no less ambition and adventure, but the scale’s considerably downsized; namely because it’s a 2D animated adaptation where the big star names are behind a mic rather than front and centre (Marion Cotillard, Jean Rochefort and Olivier Gourmet are among the voices), and the look of the film keeps with Tardi’s art style, which is of the ‘”ligne claire” style pioneered by Hergé, the creator of The Adventures of Tintin

Full review published at Vague Visages


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