Is Michael Mann’s Horror ‘The Keep’ a Hidden Gem? Well…

When it comes to a prolific, influential director with a filmography stretching back numerous decades, movie enthusiasts often want to unearth a diamond from the rough from a more maligned period of their career, or at least a hidden gem from their early days. What if Steven Spielberg’s 1941 is actually a secret masterpiece? Maybe James Cameron’s Piranha II is better than Terminator 2? Who’s to say thatG.I. Jane isn’t Ridley Scott’s best film?

The draw towards this has a particular appeal when a work in question stands out as an outlier in light of the director’s subsequent career. Case in point: Michael Mann’s 1983 sophomore feature The Keep. Mann made his debut with the 1981 crime film Thief, and that genre has come to define his career in the eyes of many, with the likes of Heat, Miami Vice and Public Enemies. There have been notable excursions into the realm of biopics and documents of historical stories (see: Ali, The Last of the Mohicans, The Insider), so if there’s a quality that unites the vast majority of Mann’s films, it’s that they are fairly rooted in the workings of the real world — no, your objections to plot holes in Collateral andBlackhat do not dispel this…

Full piece at Vague Visages


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