May 2016 in Review


little-white-lies (1)

A brilliant film about pregnancy plays at IndieLisboa
The Daughter
The five best films from IndieLisboa 2016


the-skinny-logo (1)

The Firm
Jeremy Saulnier on punks v nazis movie Green Room
When Marnie Was There
X-Men: Apocalypse

Green Room Banner

vague-visages (1)

IndieLisboa 2016: I Was in Lisbon and Remembered You (José Barahona, 2015)
Is Michael Mann’s Horror ‘The Keep’ a Hidden Gem? Well…
‘The Nice Guys’ Doesn’t Finish Last But Occasionally Stumbles
Review: Susanna White’s ‘Our Kind of Traitor’
Vague Visages on Varda’s 88th: ‘Le Bonheur’ (Agnès Varda, 1965)



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