Review: Wiener-Dog (Todd Solondz, 2016)

A cantankerous elderly woman with a granddaughter after money to help fund the modern art of her boyfriend named Fantasy. A lonely film school professor whose own screenwriting career is going nowhere after one brief success decades before, considering an act of revenge against the institution of his employment that sees him as a relic. A bickering married couple trying to make their son happy during his recovery from cancer, albeit with the mother lacking any sort of internal filter and having a proclivity towards explicit monologues about dog rape in front of her pubescent child. And a grown-up version of Welcome to the Dollhouse lead Dawn Wiener bumping into a childhood tormentor and embarking on a road trip with him to visit his brother-in-law with Down Syndrome. With this collection of characters for an anthology movie set-up, Wiener-Dog is just about the Todd Solondz-iest film you could expect from writer-director Todd Solondz in 2016, but there is an interesting formal setup to set it apart from the more standard formula of most of his divisive filmography…

Full review for Vague Visages


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