Review: Little Sister (Zach Clark, 2016)

The title of Little Sister is built around a double entendre, in that it refers to lead character Colleen’s status as both the youngest member of a particular family unit and as a young nun in training. That layer to the title makes itself evident within the opening 10 minutes or so of Zach Clark’s follow-up to White Reindeer (2013), but anyone expecting something especially cutesy from that particular quirk can be rest assured that Little Sister does not fall into the trap of overly precious Sundance bait, even with a narrative template that’s somewhat reminiscent of a certain film from another Zach, Garden State. The fact that Little Sister actually had its world premiere at SXSW also nullifies that, but that’s beside the point.

No, this is a much spikier, scuzzier offering than it may initially seem from a scan of a plot synopsis. It’s neither as cloyingly sentimental as a Zach Braff film, nor too far in the opposite direction to the realm of smug toxicity, like an opening quote from one Marilyn Manson briefly suggests it could be…

Full festival review for Vague Visages


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