Review: Indignation (James Schamus, 2016)

With the Philip Roth adaptation Indignation, there’s an interesting case where the directorial debut comes from a multi-hyphenate filmmaker with an extensive background in numerous fields; a jack of all trades and a master of several. James Schamus is not only known as a producer, but also as a screenwriter, a lecturer on both film and… Read More Review: Indignation (James Schamus, 2016)

Review: Adult Life Skills (Rachel Tunnard, 2016)

As the feature debut of editor-turned-writer-director Rachel Tunnard, Adult Life Skills is an expansion of her BAFTA-nominated short Emotional Fusebox. Short expansions are a pretty common route to go down for feature debuts, and in this case, it’s a valuable upgrade for the material in question. It allows for seemingly overtly-cutesy affectations (somewhat typical of stunted-adolescent indies in the… Read More Review: Adult Life Skills (Rachel Tunnard, 2016)

Review: A Patch of Fog (Michael Lennox, 2015)

Following Oscar-nominated short Boogaloo and Graham, A Patch of Fog marks the feature debut of Northern Irish director Michael Lennox. Belfast is the setting of this low-budget thriller, though with nary a reference to the Troubles in the film’s screenplay or geography, the two-hander drama could plausibly take place just about anywhere. It’s in the… Read More Review: A Patch of Fog (Michael Lennox, 2015)