Review: Road Games (Abner Pastoll, 2015)

With a cast peppered with various British and French actors, and one American former scream queen in Barbara Crampton, British-Gallic co-production Road Games is a slow-burning thriller where a good chunk of the tension stems from giveaways being lost in translation, thanks to language barriers between the film’s ostensible lead and the unusual figures he encounters.

Cult movie fans concerned by the film’s title can rest easy, for this is not, in fact, a remake of the respected 1981 thriller of the same name that starred Stacy Keach and Jamie Lee Curtis. The shared title is just a tribute to another feature about horrors facing hitchhikers, although Road Games director Abner Pastoll offers a tale more concerned with a twisty spirit in the vein of Hitchcock or M. Night Shyamalan than it does the 1981 Australian film’s Ozploitation roots. That said, for all its twists and turns, miscommunications and misdirection, the roads taken by Pastoll’s games don’t really lead anywhere all that satisfying…

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