Review: The Pyramid Texts (The Shammasian Brothers, 2015)

The single-character monologue is not alien to the world of theatre, but it’s a comparatively rarer beast when it comes to the realms of film and TV. When directors or showrunners experiment with the form, it often yields interesting experiments, at the very least – see the acclaimed 2008 episode of Eastenders that acted as a single-hander for fan favourite character Dot Cotton, with actor June Brown delivering a monologue to a tape recorder, or The Fear of 13.

A tape recorder is also present for perhaps the most famous film example, Robert Altman’s Secret Honor, in which a fictionalised Richard Nixon (Philip Baker Hall) delivers a solitary, stream-of-consciousness reflection on his political career and life. In The Pyramid Texts, a new entry in this small sub-genre, a video camera serves as the device capturing the various confessions and musings of the solitary character…

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