Review: Bitch (Marianna Palka, 2017)

A marriage quite literally goes to the dogs in Bitch, in which a put-upon woman snaps under crushing pressures and adopts the psyche of a ferocious canine.

Marianna Palka (Good Dick) writes, directs and stars as Jill. Bitch opens with her attempted suicide by hanging, disrupted by the chandelier her noose was fastened to collapsing to the ground. Her fear she’ll do something else destructive grows, hardly helped by four unruly children and an estranged relationship with Bill (Jason Ritter), the family breadwinner at a business now going through downsizing; he’s introduced mid-cheating on Jill with a co-worker.

Their neighbourhood is plagued by dogs barking through the night, with one canine in particular continually stalking the family’s garden. This dog eventually makes its way into the house, coincidentally on the same day that Jill’s psyche finally breaks. The family later finds her in the basement, naked, on all fours and growling…

Full review for SciFiNow


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