Interview: Michael Showalter on ‘The Big Sick’

“I think the writing and directing is more natural for me; it’s a more comfortable place.” The Skinny is talking to Michael Showalter, the American comedian, actor, producer, writer and director, ahead of the international premiere of his latest directorial effort, The Big Sick, at the Sundance London film festival. “And I suppose,” he continues, “it’s just been a natural journey. As you get more serious about it, you sort of figure out what part of the process you like the most, and I really like being behind the camera the most. The writing process, the whole production side of it is really where I’ve found the most enjoyment.”

Showalter first came to prominence in the mid-90s as a cast member on MTV sketch series The State, which he co-wrote and co-created alongside various other enduring figures of the American comedy scene – Michael Ian Black, Ken Marino, Thomas Lennon and Joe Lo Truglio among them. Considering that The State didn’t get much in the way of an airing outside the US, Showalter may be more recognisable to UK viewers for another cult comedy favourite from a few years later: Wet Hot American Summer, a 2001 send-up of 80s summer camp movies, featuring a stacked ensemble of talent that only gets more impressive with time – it features some of the earliest roles of Bradley Cooper and Elizabeth Banks…

Full interview for The Skinny


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