Interview: Benedict Andrews on ‘Una’

“In retrospect, I understand what a motherfucker of a thing it is to get made.” We’re speaking to Adelaide-born, Reykjavik-based Benedict Andrews, who’s currently in London directing Sienna Miller and Jack O’Connell in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on the West End stage. The aforementioned “motherfucker” we’re here to discuss, though, is his filmmaking debut, Una, an adaptation of Scottish playwright David Harrower’s Blackbird, starring Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn.

“It’s the type of film that doesn’t often get made,” he tells us, “and then doesn’t often get a theatrical release when one does because it’s a really tough subject matter.” Harrower’s Blackbird, for those unfamiliar, is a two-hander that depicts a young woman, Una, turning up at the workplace of a middle-aged man, Ray, who, 15 years prior, sexually abused her when she was 12. The two engage in a long, gruelling confrontation concerning both his imprisonment and subsequent new life under a new name, and her continuing struggles to understand the abuse and her conflicting emotions, which, amongst others, include what she felt were feelings of genuine love during their earlier time together…

Full interview for The Skinny


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