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I Think We’re Alone Now (Reed Morano, 2018)

In the majority of post-apocalyptic stories, when there’s seemingly a lone survivor in the world, one of the major struggles the character tends to face is intense loneliness. I Think We’re Alone Now differs from most in the genre in that its lead is content in their solitude. When it turns out more of humanity’s survived than they thought, it’s actually an inconvenience…

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The Boss (Ben Falcone, 2016)

When it comes to comedy, one of the trickier balancing acts to pull off is when a filmmaker is clearly aiming to deal in both the zany and the sincere; going all-out wacky with the comic set-pieces, but also wanting to inject a little pathos into proceedings. This is precisely what Ben Falcone attempts, unsuccessfully, with The Boss, the second feature he has co-written and directed for wife Melissa McCarthy following 2014’s Tammy

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